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Sashe Omogiate is a writer, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist and inspirational leader.

Founder & President

 Sashe Omogiate



To really understand Sashe Omogiate, you need to spend some time with the people who have known her to move mountains. Community leaders and her family, for example, have attributed the strongly faith-centered vision and creation of Imani Within solely to Sashe (pronounced Sash-ee) Omogiate. For her part Sashe is more willing to credit God, family, and friends for understanding the passion of her vision for Imani Within. “To me,” she emphasized recently, “It means to have faith within one’s self. If you have fear in being the best you can be, how can you understand the greatness God has in store for you?”


Sashe Omogiate is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. The author, philanthropist and producer knows firsthand the importance of having a strong work ethic and has made it her life mission to give back to others along her journey. Thus, she created the Imani Within Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference through promoting good health and helping people develop life coping skills. 


Sashe is eldest of two sisters,and learned leadership early, being raised by a single mother from NewYork. Sashe knows the hardship first hand. Growing up, her family faced financial struggles Sashe endured the hardship seeing close relatives suffering the consequences of crack cocain addictions. Sashe learned, she points out, the wisdom of hard work and never giving up from her mother. It was early on that she learned the true value of faith. Sashe believes in encouraging people to speak their truth, understanding that their past does not dictate their future. When confronting a crisis, Sashe Omogiate has spoken of changing our outlook, especially from what the world usually teaches. Instead, for example, of self-pity, Sashe speaks from a background of dealing successfully with using faith to look at a problem differently. "When people are in crisis, she has said, "I almost always hear someone saying 'why me'. I turn that around by asking: Why not me? Why not you? Her involvement is to help people see problems as a blessing: to teach them that God has prepared a divine purpose. God's crises are supposed to teach integrity and faith at that moment."


Sashe was inspired to pen her first book, "Truth Is", is a daily hand-guide for women who are desperately searching for their meaning in life. In the book, Sashe empowers readers through lessons on self-reflection, failed relationships and business ventures, helping you become the powerful, purpose-driven woman you were called to be and manifest the life you truly want. Sashe graduated Ashworth College and received her Intro Psychology Diploma. She is also the producer and writer of screenplay "Free" and a motivational speaker. Her dream is making a difference in the lives of others. She is aware that this is just the beginning  and is prepared to go beyond what she has already mastered grow even more. 

"I look at people as what they can become not who they are at the moment." -Sashe Omogiate 


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