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Magna Spirit Of Excellence


President Sashe Omogiate at ceremony for lst Manga Spirit of Excellence Award" for dedication in against the fight of obesity. Imani Within Corp donated a gift basket for a ticket raffle. Founder of Imani Within Corp, Ramatu CEO of Manga African Dance Inc., Dancer, Imani Within Corp volunteers Marybeth Andrews
Manga Spirit of Excellence Award


President Sashe Omogiate presents lst Manga Spirit of Excellence Award" for dedication in against the fight of obesity. Sashe Omogiate, Ramatu daughter, Father of child receiving trophy, Ramatu the CEO of Manga African Dance Inc.



Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center


President Sashe Omogiate with Volunteer Marybeth Andrews donate a Mary Kay rollup bag to Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center Atlanta, Ga. Carolyn Hemler director of the Cancer Wellness Center received to donations and surprised two lovely patient. Imani Within Corp made someone smile April 22, 2013.
Harvest Kingdom Worship Center

July 21, 2013


Howell Park Dulth GA Imani Within Corp sponsored Harvest Kingdom Worship Center Back to School Event. Giving away 300 book bags filled with school supplies to families that cannot afford to purchse their own.
In addition to monetary donations, you may help restore faith in others by participating in a variety of ways. Following are some of our programs – and we are always offering more. (Also, if you wish to help in a way you do not find here, let us know!)
Share Your Story
We all have a story to tell, including a faith story. Whether our road has been smooth or rocky, we all have walked a journey of faith in one form or another. And these stories are as varied and inspiring as each one of us. Please consider sharing your story with us. Assuming it meets our criteria, we will post it for others to see and experience. Also, if your story involves Imani Within Corp., please let us know that, too, and let the world know of the impact Imani Within Corp. has made in your life.
Our goal is to aid the communities as whole. We plan to provide resources for those living without life's essentials. We are in need of the following items; with your help we can change lives. Thank you in advance for your support.
* Food( including canned and dry goods like rice, pasta,macaroni , stuffing)
* A variety of beverages, including bottled water
* School supplies, including book bags and assorted school supplies
* Clothing, including new and slightly used ( new undergarment )
* New toys
* New or slightly used furniture.
The Sky’s the Limit!Imani Within Corp. is open to new ideas!
Please feel free to contact us at anytime with an idea for helping others or celebrating special occasions with and for others. We welcome all input.
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