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Is depression holding you back? Here are some signs

  • Are you making impulsive purchases to feel better?

  • Are you procrastinating and convincing yourself that you already been defeated?

  • You lie about everything even simple things.

  • Do you tend to judge others more often than usual?

  • Do you constantly tell others “I got it all under control” or “I don’t care”?

  • Have been withdrawing from those who love you?

  • Have you been crying for several of days?

  • Are you persistent sad, anxious or empty feelings?

Many are not aware of this global mental illness that has a huge impact on peoples mind, body and spirit. Depression is profoundly affecting our community with crime, substance abuse and addiction. Millions of people around the world currently suffer from some form of depression. If you notice someone with signs of depression or yourself please reach out for healing. The first step is to get appropriate treatment by visiting a doctor or mental health specialist. The doctor will do physical exams, lab test, interview and psychological evaluation so that he/she can determine the possibility of why the depression was diagnosed. After being diagnosed a person will be given treatment which may be medication or psychotherapy.

  • 121 Million People around the world currently suffer from some form of depression.

  • 1 in 4 women currently living with depression.

  • 1 in 8 men are currently living with depression.

  • 15% of depressed people have committed suicide

“These are not numbers. They’re the persons you confide in at work or school, a cousin, teammate, the guy you see on the train every day. These in justifiable terms, are the same individuals that would use your services at some point in their lives if exposed to it. It’s okay to embrace who you are inside and what you have overcome to help others gain strength to heal them-selves. We encourage people not to be afraid to be judged but understand that they can change their life for the better just by speaking their truth.”

If you or someone else is currently living with depression

Please Visit ……

Contact: Georgia Crisis & Access Line


Suicide Prevention lifeline



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